Romantic color changing floor lamps add ambiance to any room.

sensual lighting lampsPut more Romance in your romance with these gorgeous color-changing mood lights.  Clouds of  slowly  changing colors infuse these tasteful, zen like, rice paper fixtures.  The secret is the new TriStar Designer LED SmartBulb. Two or more are in each fixture and can be programmed with the hand-held remote control.  With this new bulb you can create dramatic, romantic moods at very reasonable prices.


 ” We have a beautiful bedroom…but it’s been the same for 10 years…getting boring.  I never thought about lighting, but the two floor lamps I got from SensualLighting changed everything !  I especially appreciate that I can use the Remote Controller to change the whole look and feel of our bedroom. Let me tell you, It’s working !  ;-)”  Lizz, San Diego

“I never thought being a ‘drama queen’ could be so much fun ! I got the “Forte” floor lamp for my bedroom and now I change the mood and colors and brightness anytime I want…it adds a nice, theatrical drama to my new “boudoir’ .  Margaret, LA, CA.

” My daughter’s room is a mess.  In desperation I got her two of the “Adagio” color-changing floor lamps.  Now she feels she’s queen of the prom with all that great, fun lighting.  She even makes her bed now so it “looks good”.  Barbara G., Santa Barbara, CA.

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“Quantum Color”


Lecture notes on the  Mind-Body-Color  connection        By Joel W. B. Heathcote

 How does Color get into the Body ?

The Eye is not an organ; it is part of the Brain.

Eyes and Brain comprise only 2% of our body weight, but consume 25% of our nutritional intake.

70% of all the body’s sense receptors are in the Eyes.

90% of all the information we learn in a lifetime enters thru the Eyes.

The brain receives 3 billion messages each second, 2 billion of them from the Eyes.

Yet 80% of the light entering the eye goes to the Hypothalamus, not the Optic Nerve!

The Hypothalamus is the principle governor of the Endocrine system which in turn controls emotions,moods,metabolism, heat regulation, energy balance, growth, sexual response, circulation, oxygenation, sleep and the entire autonomic nervous system !

Therefore LIGHT is the master elemental energy that regulates, balances and feeds the human body.

 Sunlight is “white light” comprising the full spectrum of colors.

Every object and surface in our world, whether natural or man-made reflects COLOR!

Color is the multiple division of Light; Color is the “Language of Light”.

If Light is equated to Sound, then Color is the Music. Like Music, Color has seven tones. Here are the Magnificent Seven !


The ancient world, especially Egypt and Greece made extensive use of light and color in their healing temples.  Herodotus writes extensively on healing with colors. These cultures perhaps knew much more than we about the use of color and light. They divided the white spectrum into seven hues and observed the effects of each hue on human behavior.  This study has finally re-emerged as Color Therapy. Now, equipped with stunning new revelations in the technology and global cooperation in Brain Science and Neurology. 

Red:  “Preserve & Protect”         1st Chakra, Adrenals, Spine, vitality, blood, groundedness, individuality, heat, courage, self preservation.                           Life Force


Orange: “Giver-Receiver”            2nd Chakra, Spleen, Genitals, pleasure, passion, appetite, self-confidence, organization, change, tolerance.                    Procreation


Yellow:  “Radiant Reason”          3rd Chakra, Solar Plexus, nerves, joy, muscles, awareness, decisions, metabolism, self-control, warmth                              Will Power


Green:  “ Tender Harmonizer” 4th Chakra, Heart, Thymus, Lungs balances upper and lower  body, acceptance, openness, our center, peace.                      Circulation


Blue:  “ Sky Speaker”                   5th Chakra, Throat, Thyroid, honesty, integration, consideration, loyalty, articulation, truth, freedom, aspiration.  Expression


Indigo: “Mystic Channel”             6th Chakra, Third Eye, Pituitary, insight, realization, idealism, wisdom, mysticism, inner seeing, meditation, devotion.           Intuition


Violet: “Royal Spirit”                     7th Chakra, Top of Head, Pineal, transformation, divinity, dedication, altruism, oneness,  spiritual power.                         Inspiration


Rainbow:  “Universe”                   Peace, family, hope, whole planet.        Covenant

Why does Color affect us?

Meditators, therapists, and others recognize the invisible effect of “Inner Color and Inner Light” stimulating both  consciousness and creativity. For our purposes, however, we will examine the two main physical effects of color:

1. The Emotional Body has been sensitized to color by both by Nature (sunsets, flowers, animals, blood) and by the “meaning” various cultures have assigned to specific colors.  Since ancient times, color clues suggest royalty, power, danger, love, health, joy, fear, speed, brilliance, peace, holiness, virginity and much more. These signals are bombarding each of us millions of times each hour, stimulating and often confusing our emotions….our moods…unbalancing our systems.

Color therapy thru the eyes is the antidote for this chaos. It simplifies and centers the entire organism in the light of a single hue…. this calms, heals and re-balances the body, the mind and the emotions.

2. The cells of our skin and the ganglia of our neural system have been proven to undergo molecular changes when illuminated by colors. Consider the widespread use of Light Therapies in Dermatology.

A considerable number of research studies in the last 20 years have firmly established that the human body, like the plant kingdom is “photosynthetic” meaning that human skin absorbs light to produce carbohydrates, proteins, and even DNA. (“Light, Medicine of the Future” Dr. Jacob Liberman)

Furthermore, sunlight is the basis for all forms of food.  On the quantum level, all matter, including organic life, like us and like the food that we eat is LIGHT in solid form.  This is in addition to the effects of light on the Endocrine system already discussed.

This all adds up to a stunning conclusion:

We are made of Light; everything that grows is made of Light.

 Light is the source of all nutrition.

 Light is the regulator of our Bodily Systems.

 Light stimulates our Emotions.

 There is one ingredient vital to all organic Life…(like you!)

 …It is Light! and Color is its language.

 How to use “The SensualLight” for Light and Color Therapy in your own Boudoir!

Basic Arrangement

Whole Body Illumination

Use just one of your Sensual Lights for this process.  Sit, stand or lie in your bed.  Put on any music you find both relaxing and inspirational. Set aside 20 minutes for a complete and meaningful Color Treatment.

Use the Remote Controller to activate your SensualLight.  Start with Red and a concentration on your first Chakra (see chart above). Open your eyes wide, loosen their focus, imaging you are absorbing the color’s beams through your skin and deep into your Inner Body.  A few minutes per color should be sufficient.

Proceed through as many colors as you are drawn to.  Look for a feeling of power and contentment in the body area or Chakra you are addressing.

Color Breathing

Consciously breathe in each color. Imagine the color suffusing every cell of your body.

Breathe out with a great sense of release.

At each color, deep breathe it in.

Color thru the Hands

Aim  your hands at a color, charging them before touching your partner’s body.

Color Charging

Charge up vessels of water, your quartz crystals, or sacred objects by placing them in the color beam.


Set a bouquet of white flowers near the Sensual Light.